08 July 2005

Chuck is back!

Chuck is back! We saw him tonight. It was the first sighting in months ... maybe even a year. This caused great shouts of joy in our car. Chuck is a creature of inderminate age who lives at a certain crossroads here in our town. The buildings are being razed at this crossroads and we worried that Chuck had lost his home. But this evening as we waited patiently for the traffic light's permission to continue our journey to Indian food, there he was, munching on clover, glaring balefully at us in our cars. I can't tell you why that makes me so happy, but it does. I'm very glad that encroaching population has not deterred Chuck from his life's work; that he is wiley enough to continue to survive all the traffic and the wrecking balls; that he is grumpy with me when I call him Chuck. There are some things you look forward to.


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