28 November 2005

In the Waiting Place

A dear friend is pregnant with twins, but she has had a scare this weekend. Some indications are that one twin may be trying to make a precipitous and untimely entry to this world, which would mean also his or her exit as well. The tests at the hospital were "inconclusive" and so my friend and her husband were sent home to wait and see. It reminded me of an early pregnancy (just before LightGirl) and child who came and went in so short a time. That life that lasted no longer than a breath but which I hold with me forever. I remember too the hopeful, prayerful waiting; the minutes that became elastic and stretched into hours that would not pass.

I pray with my friends this weekend and into this week:

The compassing of God be upon you and your babies
the compassing of God, of the God of life.

The compassing of Christ be upon you, all four of you
the compassing of the Christ of love.

The compassing of the Spirit be upon you, and babes too
the compassing of the Spirit of peace.

The compassing of the Sacred Three be upon you,
the compassing of the Sacred Three protect you,
the compassing of the Sacred Three preserve you.


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