28 June 2006

40 Days

I'm beginning to get a glimmer of what it must have been like during the time of Noah. It's been raining here for three days and three nights and more is to come. The ground is squishy when you walk on it.

I wonder what it must have been like for those people when it began raining and raining and didn't stop. It was the first time anyone had ever experienced rain according to the story. In ancient Hebrew it is written that prior to the flood, the earth was watered from springs that welled up from the ground and mists that came down at night. But the first rains happened when Noah finished the ark, and got all the animals on board. He closed the doors and the first drops began to fall.

This morning the sun is shining again and I can see blue sky with no clouds. But the rivers, ponds, lakes and streams are all at flood levels. My much loved Lake Champlain in Vermont is more than 10 feet above it's normal level for this time of year. I feel we have escaped with only three days and breath a sigh of relief at the sunshine.

For some reason, this little fellow makes me think of that first rain. I wonder how the humans perceived it? Some may have thought it miraculous. Some suspicious. Some may have danced. Some may have hid. All until the waters started rising. But the animals just got wet. They still do.


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