07 September 2006


LightBoy and I took a drive today. It was our turn to drive out to East Overshoe and pick up the organic vegetables that we get each week. Earlier in the summer we joined a CSA farm with the Sheep family and the Corner family. We take turns driving out to East Overshoe to pick up vegetables for each other. It's a long drive, but enjoyable. There are goats and chickens to visit at the farm and a dog named Blue.

LightBoy and I had an interesting conversation on the trip out.

He began, "I wish I had a cloning machine." To which I replied, "Oh? You do? What do you see as the benefits of cloning?"

"Well, I want to create a clone army who will obey my commands without question. Then I can send them out to fight ..." and he proceeded to fight an imaginary battle in the back seat.

"Hmmm ..." I asked, "Do you obey commands without question?"

"Oh, no I don't"

"Well, then why do you think all your clones would obey your commands without question?"

"Ummm, Jango Fett created a clone army and all of them obeyed his commands without question. If he could do it, I think I could too."

"Did Jango Fett obey commands without question?"

"Oh yes. But, well, he didn't answer to anyone. Except for Darth Sidious. But he obeyed those commands."

"So Jango Fett obeyed commands. And all his clones did. But if you clone yourself, you'll have a bunch of little yous running around. Do you think they'll really obey you without question?"

"Oh yes ... they'll just look like me, but their brains won't be like mine."

"But if they look like you, they'll have the same brains that you have. And that means they won't obey you without question. It'll be kind of like chaos."

[long pause]

"Mom, you are so smart. How do you think like that?"

So, tonight, I'm just basking in the glory of my oh so briefly held intelligence. It'll be here today and gone tomorrow. But for the time being (and probably not too much longer), my boy thinks I'm smart!


Blogger kate said...

Oh, my gosh. Savor that one for a GOOD LONG TIME. Better yet, get John to write it out and sign it! Then pick out a fancy frame. :)

9/12/2006 02:22:00 PM  

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