12 July 2005


Hooray! I found a lost friend. Well, I suppose that technically she wasn't lost. I just lost contact with her. She was my roommate for a semester in college. Actually, we did a semester away from college ... we came down to Washington, DC to study foreign policy at American University and roomed together. We didn't have two sous in our combined pockets and had more fun than I think is legal. And the funny thing is that it was legal fun. She took me to my first reggae party (before reggae was popular) and I learned, for an evening, how to be in the minority.

I hadn't thought about her in a long time. Then suddenly the other day I found myself telling one of our stories from that grand time we had together. And I found myself missing my friend, but didn't have any way to go about finding her again.

Then yesterday the Alumni magazine from our college came in the mail. I don't know why I continue to get that silly thing. I am NOT a good Alumna. I don't give any money to my college. I will steadfastly refuse to send my children there because it is a bastion of conservative business. The only reason I went to this college is because I set my sights too high in the first place (the result of doting parents and grandparents and being the big frog in a small pond all my short life) and it was the only acceptance letter I received. ANYWAY ... the magazine came and there was my friend's e-mail address in her class' notes!!! Now for the last -I won't tell you how many- years there has never been any information about my friend in this magazine. And there it was. Just her e-mail address. POOF ... like the e-mail fairy godmother had heard my wish.

I wrote to my friend. She wrote me back and she sounds just as glad to hear from me as I was to find her. We'll see how this goes. Sometimes these old friendships work out again. They are hard tho. You know one another very well ... and yet ... you don't. There are so many things that have happened -some little and some big; happiness and griefs- to each of you that you can't even remember to tell the other and that makes it hard. So, I hope we'll be able to make it past the memories of what we did and move on to do some other things together again. Because I have to say that alot of what makes me fun now, I learned from her back then.


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