27 August 2005

Last Things

So today is our last day in our little cottage. We didn't do much. Just mucked around. LightHusband took some pictures of mouldy gravestones of my long dead ancestors. I was bummed that one set was completely engulfed in pickerbushes. And sadly it was the g-g-g-grandmother who LightGirl is named for. So she couldn't even see her namesake. Oh well. That's what happens when everyone moves away ... no one takes care of your gravemarkers and pickerbushes grow up around them. It's a sad thing.

Then we went to what became our favorite place on this vacation, West Quoddy Head Lighthouse National Park. There was a little rocky beach there that the kids loved to play on and I loved to read at and LightHusband loved to take pictures at and while we were there this phenomenal fog rolled in ... creepy, pea soup fog that was so thick you could taste it. It was fabulous.

We had lunch at our favorite diner. The owner was there again. He has taken a real liking to us and LightBoy in particular. He discovered that LB likes music and so all 3 "men" went to the upstairs
... which is largely unused (this restaurant is in an old house/funeral parlor) to see the owner's musical instruments. Well ... when they came down LightBoy was full of all the ghost stories that are associated with the restaurant!! It was great fun. He and LightGirl left the restaurant with eyes as big as saucers.

Here's a picture of the rocky beach at West Quoddy Head ... the rocks say "chanky-chank" when you walk on them.


Blogger Ross said...

Might I add, the owner didn't just show John "musical instruments"... he showed him his BANJO! Of course, John turned to me with his best Vanderbuilt-heir expression and stated "let's get one of those when we get home dad". Oh brother...

8/27/2005 11:25:00 PM  
Blogger kate said...


8/29/2005 10:35:00 AM  

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