30 November 2005


Among my many hats, one is that of teacher. I teach my lovely children from home. We do this is what used to be the dining room. It's now the schoolroom. We have a whiteboard and everything ... there are lots of maps on the wall, including one from Australia that's upside-down in orientation, bookshelves with books, all of that. I bring my laptop in and do my work, while the children do their school work.

Last night we had our Design Team meeting here at the house. This is the team that puts together the worship service at my church each week. The church formerly known as Mars Hill (but we don't know what to call ourselves now).

This morning when we came into the schoolroom, the children were delighted and I was dismayed to find that our beloved AwakeFriend had written the following message on the whiteboard:

November 30, 2005
The teacher is only allowed
to blog for 3 hours today

AND ... LightGirl has been asking after my activities. As if she or LightBoy is going to control my activity! And, I'll have them know I'm doing research for our service on Sunday ... I'm providing some of the content and I need to have something to say. And I need to find music for the Eucharist ... ETCETERA. So ... there. This is certified "holy" work I'm doing.

They just want equal access to the computer ... but the evil teacher mommy has control of the keyboard.


Blogger Mike said...

Note to the teacher: I was only joking (but I appreciate the link).

Note to the class: listen to the teacher (and it will go well with you).

11/30/2005 01:42:00 PM  
Blogger aBhantiarna Solas said...

Note to AwakeFriend: I know ... but I had to joke back!! ;-)

11/30/2005 01:47:00 PM  

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