24 March 2006

Lighter News

In other lighter news, I faced down both my parents last night and won a Scrabble challenge even though I wasn't playing in the game. Even though the game was from the night before. Everyone who had been playing the game decided (WITHOUT looking it up) that the word "yeti" (for abominable snowman) was capitalized. I said, "No, it's a creature. It's mythological to be sure, but like all creatures it should not be capitalized." All three players (LightParents ... who think they're so smart and usually are ... and LightHusband) all said, "Oh, no, Yeti must be capitalized. It's a proper noun."

So LightHusband hauled out our granddaddy of all dictionaries The Oxford Unabridged Dictionary. It's all in one volume and you have to use a special magnifying glass to see the words. But when we found yeti .... let it be known here first. I .... was .... right!!!!


LightParents should know when to listen to me.


Blogger kate said...

That's awesome. I love stuff like that.
-- The Copy Editor

3/25/2006 10:53:00 PM  

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