13 March 2006

Psalm 6

For the director of music. With stringed instruments. According to sheminith.
A psalm of David.

1O LORD, do not rebuke me in your anger
or discipline me in your wrath.

2 Be merciful to me, LORD, for I am faint;
O LORD, heal me, for my bones are in agony.

3 My soul is in anguish.
How long, O LORD, how long?

4 Turn, O LORD, and deliver me;
save me because of your unfailing love.

5 No one remembers you when he is dead.
Who praises you from Sheol?

6 I am worn out from groaning;
all night long I flood my bed with weeping

and drench my couch with tears.

7 My eyes grow weak with sorrow;
they fail because of all my foes.

8 Away from me, all you who do evil,
for the LORD has heard my weeping.

9 The LORD has heard my cry for mercy;
the LORD accepts my prayer.

10 All my enemies will be ashamed and dismayed;
they will turn back in sudden disgrace.

For how long will this continue? Men like Tom Fox are butchered and George Bush sleeps peacefully in his heavily protected soft bed.

Woman who has suffered the loss home, of dignity, of husbands and parents and now must suffer the loss of a child as well. A beautiful, laughing eyed daughter. The one who most represented her way out of the past. Of breaking the cycles that she had come out of. Who would not bear her burdens, nor live her shame, but grow up free and educated in a place where she was wanted.

I grow so weary of this world. When ... oh when will you come, Lord? And in the meantime, what shall I do?


Blogger Israel said...

hmmmmm.... yes, why the pain... so much so close by

3/13/2006 10:36:00 PM  

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