17 August 2005

A Day Late ...

... and a dollar short ... but here's my list for List Tuesday.

The Things I Love About Vermont.

It's Clean. Most of the people here love the land and they keep it clean. So the roadsides, and lakes and streams are not so littered with crap. and trash. and stuff.

No Billboards. By law. The state outlawed billboards about a hundred years ago and so we don't have them littering the roadsides either and the whole state is much prettier.

People bike here. And there are biking lanes on alot of roads. And if there aren't biking lanes, most of the drivers expect that there will be bikers (as in bicyclers not motorcyclers) and look out for bikers, mostly. Drivers here are respectful for the most part and look out for other vehicles ... even vehicles which are not other cars. Imagine that!!

I've actually lived longer away than here, but I'm still a Vermonter. And when I come home, people still know me and still know my family. This actually happened today at the chocolate factory where we had lunch. The owner knows my brother (who makes jam). It's a small state and you always know someone. I like that ... it keeps everyone respectful.

There are four clear seasons here. Well ... really five, if you count mud season. But we like to ignore that until it's upon us in the middle of April. But when the mud is up to your hubcaps, you really can't ignore it!! The good thing is that it doesn't last long. And it's followed quickly by a really gorgeous spring and it's always accompanied by sap season (which is the running of maple sap which means MAPLE SYRUP!!)

What I wish I could remember is why I wanted so desperately to leave when I was 22. But I did. Of course, if I hadn't I never would have met and married LightHusband so ... I guess it was all worth it.


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