19 December 2005

A Cat Far From Home

Yesterday we splurged, the LightFamily and I. We went to a local tree lot and found us a tree. We got a Christmas tree. Yes we did.

This morning we tidied the livingroom and cleared out a corner and put up the tree and let the branches fall out as the tree warmed up.

This evening we giggled and danced and hung the ornaments. We tripped over boxes. We drank hot chocolate and ate horrible oversweet store-bought Christmas cookies and listened to Christmas music. Then a song came on via iTunes and said I to the LightHusband, "This is really good, but I wonder if the Stray Cats ever did a Christmas song?" He said, "I don't know."

So I grabbed the laptop to investigate the iTunes music store and discovered that the very song that was playing was Nutcracker Suite ...

... by Brian Setzer!

HAH ... can I pick em? or what!!


Blogger kate said...

Yay Christmas tree! Such a fun tradition.
Nice pickup. I'm trying to decide if that's more startling than hearing a Kate Bush Christmas-themed song the other day. Yikes.

12/20/2005 12:13:00 PM  
Blogger Schuyler said...

Want to hear an interesting story? Well, I'll tell you one anyway.

The first time that I ever kissed Maggie, it was while we were listening to a Stray Cats song. A very romantic one with the following lyrics:

I've got a low, down dirty feeling
That I've been cheated on
And lied to.

Beautiful sentiments, no?

12/20/2005 03:42:00 PM  

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