05 December 2005


I'm perturbed. Downright grumpy. Of course, it may have something to do with the weather. It is foreboding, the sky leaden. We're expecting snow. That is good. The kids are excited and I supposed we'll have a "snow" day. Altho, that's lame ... how can you have a day off for snow when you homeschool? But everyone needs a break for fun. So, if it snows, we'll have a fun breakfast and do something different.

But still ... I'm low. And then this ...

I went to boil my carcass. Well, not my own carcass, but the leftover turkey carcass from the Thanksgiving bird. It was too big for my stockpot. So I got a bigger one. And I do need a bigger stockpot. Here is a minor rant against the evils of modern technology. I hate that when I come home with a new kitchen appliance and I want to use it right away I have to spend a half an hour scrubbing a large wad of gluey goo off it. There's no need for that. Especially with something like a stock pot. You want me to see the label? Um ... the pot has a lid. Put the label INSIDE the pot. No glue. No mess. NOTHING. I'm happy. The manufacturer is happy. Everyone is happy.

Cause right now, I'm not happy.

And I've got wrinkly fingers from trying to get that stupid goo off.
I hate that goo.


Blogger kate said...

Goo is bad. Bad goo!!!
I am SO with you. It's possible to affix things to other things with easily peeled-off stickers, if one must stick things on other things in the first place.
And let's not even get started with excessive packaging.

12/05/2005 01:30:00 PM  

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