23 July 2006

What a Blast!

There has been an ongoing "discussion" between LightHusband and I.

I maintain that words have precise meanings. That they should be used within those meanings. I love words and I love to use them properly and appropriately. I think that being able to communicate well and clearly is a fine art. I enjoy this.

LightHusband, on the other hand, likes to play fast and loose with his words. He throws them around willy-nilly. They fall from his mouth in a waterfall.

Here's a current debate. We both love to use WeatherUnderground to look at the weather forecast. We look at the radar blast.

He is fond of saying, "Look! The radar says there's not a cloud in the sky. But there's clouds all over the place." I respond with, "The radar measures precipitation, not clouds. Therefore, the clouds will not show on the radar blast. They'll show up on the satellite scan."

He waves me off with a sigh, "Oh! You're always so precise." I roll my eyes and think to myself, "Well, isn't that the point?"


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