19 August 2006

New Generation

My brother and his family arrived the other day.

But the biggest news right now is that ...


... there's a new Sniper in town!

+OneFriend took this, as well as many other good photos. He's proving himself quite handy with a camera. +OneFriend's mother is not going to be happy about this development. Not happy at all.

This is LightUncle1, the oldest of my two younger brothers. I should note this was taken right after a series of games during which LightBoy and +OneFriend challenged LightUncle1. Mostly it was thumb wrestling and the slap your hands game. LightUncle1 won But there was much laughter, giggling and general silliness had by all. Someday, they will challenge the older men and win, but for now they lose and giggle and everyone has fun.


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