15 July 2005

7&7is 14 - 7/14/05 a glorious night

7&7 is 14... july 14, 2005 was a glorious night...

The Dog's performed at the Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA - to an enthusiastic crowd and a fair sized crowd (@130-40). The dogs seemed to be road weary but happy to be inside to perform for their fans (especially after the rain out in Richmond on 7/13).

After ENDURING an openning act (it seems there is always a price to pay - if not monetary - then in some other form of equity)... the Dog's took the stage and as all have said - the vocals were tight, the schtick effortless, the quips sharp but with sly smile, and the melodies and musicianship of a standard rarely experienced. All the guys seemed to really enjoy themselves and were "in the moment." The audience roared with laughter, seemed touched by Joel, exploded with laughter and enthusiastically clapped and whopped and hollered for an encore.

The quality of this musical act can't be overstated. A testament to their musical talent, enduring friendship and years of experience... I brought two long time friends and can't tell you how impressed they were... they have talked about it in very glowing terms.

The guys although tired... came out and greeted those in attendance and spent time signing, smiling, listening and interacting.

Some new quips...

mike - on their lack of success "we have even tried to sell our souls to the devil and he wouldn't take 'em."

derri - to an over enthusiastic fan (some phreak?) who requested a tune - "when you are in a rock band you can make the set list."

terry - "there was a time we were on the top of the heap... now we are here and the heap is over there... now we are considering a name change to get back to 'mid-heap.'"

terry - introducing skinny... "steve "the whore of babylon."

mike - "we are going to hell... and enjoying every minute of the journey."


If You Want To
To Cover You
Certain Love
Come Down Here (amazing!)
Startin' Monday
Free Drinks and a Dream
Sunshine Down
The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes and the Pride of Life
Moses in the Desert
In the Distance
If You Loved Here
Bad Indigestion
Wild Ride
Why is the Devil Red

Bullet Train (within 5 miles of NRA Headquarters... seemed fitting)
Rescue Me (New Choir Tune)

oh and FYI - I am the friend in ms. light's blog... and granted the Lost Dogs are among my favorite bands - they are not my favorite on any given day - the FlowerKings (swedish prog greats), transatlantic (new prog supergroup), 70's gabriel era Genesis, miles davis (50-60's bebop) or the world's greatest rock band you've never heard the 77's might actually be my favorite group!



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