06 August 2005


So, these were supposed to be my days of solitude ... to recharge my batteries. Get rested. Do some sewing. Be alone with myself and with God. Well, you know that old saw about the best laid plans of mice and men ... or women. It's true.

Thursday my friend had to take her husband to the ER with numbness in his face and blurred vision. This was very scary for them. As you might imagine. It turned out to be Bell's Palsy ... which was mixed news. It was not a stroke or a heart attack, so that was good. But Bell's Palsy can hang around for an untold length of time, it strikes for unknown reasons. Sometimes it never goes away. So, in the evening after my friend got her husband home and resting, another friend and I went to sit and chat with her. Help her down from the adrenaline rush of the ER. Which we did and we ate some trail mix. And I finished sewing on the binding of "the quilt." And my two friends worked on their scrapbooks. Then it was time for me to go home because it was late and I was tired because of my late night chat with the bogeyman the night before.

I've discovered that you shouldn't take familiar routes late at night. You should take somewhat longer, safer routes late at night. The somewhat, longer safer routes will save you from fender bender car accidents. I had one that night. I went to get into a left turn lane that was just beginning, and forgot to turn my directional on and there was a car coming that was illegally driving in the lane and he ran into my driver's side front quarter panel. And we had to call the police. And he had his friends with him, but I was all alone. I mean all alone. And I could see the bogeyman out of the corner of my eyes ... lurking in the bushes on the side of the road. Waiting for me. So I called my two friends who I had just left. They, good souls that they are, jumped in their van and came to the gas station and waited with me for the police. They propped me up ... stiffened my knees and my backbone, smiled when I needed to smile and helped me be silent when I needed to be silent. Then they drove me home, and helped me pack a few things and I went and stayed at one of their homes for the night.

AND then they had a sleepover with me at my house last night and their husbands encouraged it and everything. And we had ice cream. And we sewed. And we laughed. And we giggled. And we watched Fresh Prince of BelAir re-runs. And this morning we prayed together for each other and our husbands (especially the Bell's Palsy). And then we all (their families included) went out to brunch at our favorite little diner here in town and ate way too much. I had my favorite veggie omelet. One of the twins had chocolate French toast and she even agreed it was too much chocolate.

So what I think I've learned is that while I've spent the last year yearning for solitude, I also need community ... but really the point is that I need to have both in balance. The key is moderation. The apostle Paul had it right when he said that all things are good, but have them in little bits. So ... I'm weak at the knees with gratitude for this community of sisters that I have. And I'm looking forward to getting up to Vermont and this view from the porch:


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