09 August 2005

The Manure Truck

So, we're getting old, the LightHusband and I. The bed here at camp is giving us aches and pains. Actually it feels like sleeping on a board. This necessitates a trip to town ... to the new center for "big box stores" to find an eggcrate mattress pad to go on our bed so that we can survive this vacation with our tempers intact.

The roads here are somewhat bucolic. That's because there are two industries in Vermont. Tourism and agriculture. More to the point - dairy farming. That means that on any given day in Vermont on the two lane roads you may find yourself behind any number of farm equipment.

Today we found ourselves behind the most dreaded of all ... the manure truck. This is quite the multi-sensory experience. A manure truck looks like a small oil tanker with a large hose on the back which is used to blow liquified manure/fertilizer on the fields. The back half with the hose is covered in layers of ... well ... you know ... "crap" (euphemistically). Fortunately, we didn't have to follow it for very far. Because ... well ... it smells. But far enough for me to think this ...

There was once a time when this truck was brand spanking sparkly new. Some poor schmuck had to load the first load into that sparkling truck. I felt sorry for that poor guy. Then I thought some more and thought about how we look to God without Jesus to intercede for us. We are a multi-sensory experience not unlike that manure truck ... what a shame. The crown of His creation ... walking the earth looking like a much used manure truck. It was a very humbling thought.


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