11 September 2005

A Baby Shower

So I spent my entire day on Saturday at a baby shower. Yep ... you read that correctly. The whole day. At a baby shower. Yes. Those are pictures from said baby shower. For this baby shower was a "barn raising." Or more properly, a "play set raising." But that doesn't have quite the same ring to it. So we still called it a barn raising. Just as in the old days there was even some sewing; we made a flag for the set when it was done.

One of my friends had a baby. It was her second baby and her second boy. So a traditional baby shower just seemed redundant. And traditional. And she is not a terribly traditional person. At least not in the traditional way. If you know what I mean. But she really likes to gather all her friends around her and it seemed like a great idea to have us all together to put this complicated play set together. So we did. And we welcomed the baby into our corner of the world. And we enjoyed each others' company for the day. And now they have a play set. And we all have some great memories of a great day spent together.

Some traditions are most excellent.


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