13 September 2005

Little Whats?

So I have a friend named P3T3. P3T3 has a blog. You can read it too if you follow this link. On P3T3's blog, he posted a link to this article which was originally in Harper's Magazine. It's very long, but it's a challenging look at what it really means to be a Christian. Among many things the author reflects on the call that Jesus made to his followers to "love your neighbor as yourself." It made me reflect on the fact that the word "Christian" means little Christ. That if I want to call myself the name "Christian," I should be worthy of being called a little Christ.

Shortly after I finished reading the article -- and I must confess here that it took me three sittings -- I went driving during rush hour. And now I must also confess that I am not a little Christ ... because I am not capable of loving my neighbor at all ... at least not during rush hour.

That order was too tall for me. I failed the test.

Tonight, then, I'm very thankful for grace.


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