30 September 2005

Lying Liars

So, as I've been telling you, I'm still reading Searching For God Knows What, by Donald Miller. I just finished the chapter called "Morality: Why I'm Better Than You." I really liked that title and thought it was pretty funny, because Don Miller doesn't really think he's better than really anybody. He spent a lot of the chapter comparing the message of Jesus that we read in the Bible, which is to love all people, with the message of a lot of his current followers, which is to hate people who are different from them. Now that may sound fairly harsh. And I admit that I said that to get your attention. Miller was mostly talking about what the "church" in the United States has spent a lot of time and resources on in the last 10 years or so. They call it: the "Culture War." And use a lot of war analogy to whip their people into a frenzy to make sure they "live right," behave "morally," etc. And he finishes the chapter admirably. And I finished it last night.

So I found it both funny-weird, and funny-ha ha, that when I checked my head-lines this morning I found this article on liars and their brains. It seems that pathological liars have more white matter (which transmits information) in their pre-frontal cortexes than the rest of us normal folks do. We have more grey matter (which processes information). Which led me to wonder, does the excess white matter cause the lying? Or does the lying cause the excess white matter? Which comes first? That has yet to be determined. I find all of this study of brains fascinating and wonder where it will lead.


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