25 September 2005

My Hero

So yesterday my trusty chair broke. You wouldn't think it would be a big deal. Except that it was my sewing chair. My sewing chair is a big deal. I spend a significant amount of time in it, I need to be able to sit properly in it. And most of all, I need to be able to adjust the height according to the activity I'm engaging in ... actually sewing, or cutting fabric.

But my chair broke. In the middle of a project. I could still use it, but it was annoying me.

So, my hero leapt to his feet. Bounded aboard his trusty white charger (other days it looks like our gold minivan) and rode away to the nearest Staples. While there he faithfully and stoically sat in ...

every ...

single ...

chair ...

Before choosing the perfect chair for me.

At least that what he says. We do not yet have the chair, because the minions at Staples could not put it together last night. So we await their summons by telephone this morning.

I am patiently dealing with my old chair. It will do for now. It lasted far longer than we ever expected it to.

My Hero ... did not sit on the sofa last night playing his video games. He went to Staples. Chivalry is not dead. The knights of old still ride ... they just have different horses.


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