30 March 2006

Paying Up

I have to confess. I made a bet last night and I lost. LightHusband and I were shopping in a SuperTarget and I found the nirvana section: organizational products!! I found ... a "junk drawer organizer." I was very thrilled. But, I said, "I think it's too wide for our drawers." "No," said he, "Our drawers are standard width. It will fit." "I still think it's too wide." (aside: I should have known when to quit because, well, I'm spacially challenged) Says him, "I'll bet you six dollars and forty-nine cents it will fit." "You're on." I giggled ... because that was the price of the precious item. LightHusband was clearly displeased at the propect of organizing the junk drawer. Afterall, in his world that would take all the fun out of it. In my world that means you can find things when you need them.

So this morning I opened it up and discovered that ... it fit. So I owe LightHusband $6.49 (+tax??). AND discovered that what I thought was just advertising was in fact a labelling system so that you can put labels in the bottom of each little cubby so that everyone will know what goes where. Can you just believe it?!!! I'm in organizational heaven. LightHusband thinks I'm nuts.

But I just opened the door to my fabric closet (full of tidily organized tubs of fabric and projects all lined up on their shelves) and said to him, "My closet ... Organized." and went to his office closet and said, "Your closet ... Not so much." He said, with his chin in the air, "I don't have a closet. I have a dumpster." Well then, I rest my case. At least one person in this house is organized.

Now if I can just pass this on to the LightChildren ... hmmmm ....


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