30 June 2006

World's Meanest Mommy

It's official. I am now the world's meanest mommy. I just thought I should tell all you other mommies and let you off the hook. I have claimed the brass ring.

My garden has become a metaphor for my life. It is choked and full of weeds. Everytime I leave or return to the house, those weeds laugh at me. They chortle with glee and claim victory over me. They try to tell me that I cannot decide which plants will grow in my garden. That my hydrangea must die, my nandia must wither, my lily of the valley must wilt and my peonies fall away. The only plant that is thriving is the yarrow, but really that is a weed that we have decided is a plant. So what is the dividing line between plant and weed?

Two of the weeds were HUGE. They had large broad leaves. They were tall. Much taller than I and I am tall for a woman. I had to stretch up tall with my arms above my head to cut off the top leaves yesterday evening. But I got those two. And many other smaller more garden variety (pardon the pun) weeds in 10 minutes. I have been grinning ever since to know that those two will no longer laugh at me. That I can take back my garden and slowly my life. This metaphor is good and gives me space to think whilst I dig in the dirt.

On the other hand, this morning, LightBoy was crushed. I have killed his favorite plant. He played with is Lego people in it. It was a fort, a spaceship, a playhouse and who knows what else. He wants to find a seed for this weed and plant a new one. I may help him.

One mommy's metaphor is one son's castle in the air. Motherhood is hard.


Blogger Deanna said...

Ah, that's an easy one for once - plant him his own garden! Your yard is plenty big for it - just give him a corner and let him go at it. We put a big "teepee" (three large stickes tied together at the top) in Ethan's "garden" and planted peas to grow up the branches and sunflowers to make the walls. Perfect fort material!

6/30/2006 09:34:00 AM  

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