04 August 2006

Scene on Vacation

The view from of the lake our 6th floor hotel room ... when we checked in last night.

We began with a jaunt down to camp, to drop off the extras that we don't need for the weekend and to say hello to the LightParents (and give my mother her much belated Mother's Day gift - I didn't want to ship it). To my delight, my two friends on either side are here and will be here for the duration of our stay. We reconnected briefly with promises of more and longer conversations on one another's porches later on. Such is the vibe of camp. We watch our children grow in delight and amazement, all the while supporting each other along the way. It is a unique and nourishing community.

Somewhat later, I had what was possibly the best lunch of my entire life. It consisted of curried chicken salad with cranberry chutney and roasted cashews. We ate on the patio of Pauline's. LightHusband was worried it was the luncheon spot for old ladies. It was. We looked around ... all older ladies lunching in twos. In any case, I savored every single bite of that lunch. Every one. I didn't even mind that my lemonade was powdered.

Then we walked around Church Street in Burlington and had coffee served to us ala Shakespeare at Uncommon Grounds (with apple pie). Then we walked and shopped and looked and daydreamed. Mostly we people watched. The people here are ... um ... interesting. Very few shop at the same store. One might wear anything (and I do mean that quite literally) one wishes.

A leisurely two hour dinner at a sidewalk bistro ... pan seared scallops, if you please with a pint of microbrewed, unfiltered India Pale Ale. Why yes, this is the life to which I am accustomed. Our seats allowed for a fine mix of people watching and conversation. The perfect end to a lovely day.


Blogger Scott said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!

8/05/2006 04:49:00 PM  
Blogger kate said...

Aaaahhhhhhhh. Very lovely. I wish I could've seen Shakespeare serving up some java!

8/08/2006 01:14:00 PM  

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