01 August 2006

Things to Celebrate

Friends who can finally relax because they are recognized for doing well in their jobs.

Friends who are bringing new babies into the world.

Friends who have finally brought their babies home for awhile.

Wonderful women who write, create and express the beauty of God for the rest of us. And especially the Holly who did the remarkable work of pulling it all together. My copy came in the mail yesterday on a day when I was feeling like I just could not possibly put one foot in front of the other one more time. Then the mailman put Effloresce in my hands and I realized I could.

Being on vacation in my own house. Anticipating vacation in New England and seeing the LightChildren again. I'm beginning to miss those two rascals.

My parents and LightHusband's parents who have graciously taken their grandchilren for a week so that we could have two weeks alone.

Good banana yogurt smoothies for breakfast.


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