28 September 2006


Lately I've seen some sights around town that made me look twice and think thrice. Since I just got back from my long drive (to East Overshoe to our CSA farm) and I need to wind down, here are a few of them.

The other day I was driving past a church. The sign out front advertised a family movie night on Friday and an open house on Sunday. "Huh?" I thought, "And here I thought everyday was open house for a church! What was I thinking??!!" Today I drove past it and they are advertising "World Communion" for this Sunday.

I saw a young guy walking down the street. I know I'm firmly implanted in my middle years. But I'm used to seeing all sorts of clothing and not being phased by it. I don't remember specifics, I just remember remarking to Sizzling Ewe that perhaps this particular young man ought to cease purchasing his fashion sense at Montgomery Ward, since they've gone out of business.

I found it remarkable today that the two vehicles that were the most aggravating to drive behind were SUVs with dealer tags. They were aggravating because the drivers were having issues handling them. They didn't even want to go the speed limit and braked at every turn. It was annoying.

There's a church I pass on the way to East Overshoe called Believers Baptist Church. For some reason this name makes me laugh. It also makes me want to stop and ask the pastor what sort of believers they are looking for. There is something about that name that is officious and pompous. It sounds like hiked-up pants and slick hair.

I love the drive going out to East Overshoe. It gets progressively less congested and more beautiful. I hate the drive coming home. It's everything in reverse and I'm driving into rush hour traffic. Bleh....

We made butter in the Osgiliath Classical School Potions class the other day. That's chemistry for all you who might be wondering. We were investigating the different states of matter. It gave me renewed appreciation for my colonial mothers. We made butter with just one cup of cream and we had a cold storage unit handy. If it didn't work, so what? But my colonial mothers had to do this and much more every day ... every, every, EVERY day. Or their families went hungry and cold. We have so much convenience in our lives we don't even know what to do with it. We don't even recognize most of it.

LightBoy's current ambition is be Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek. This morning he brought me his sister's eyeliner and asked me to draw Spock eyebrows on him. I complied, but it's been very unsettling to look at him today. He has, essentially, two sets of eyebrows on his sweet round face and one set makes him look sinister. Of course, he thinks this is very wonderful. We are now in the market for a Mr. Spock costume for Halloween. Oh ... yay. Then LightGirl decided she would like to be Lt. Ohura (with the very short dress). I said, "No. You will not be Lt. Ohura (with the very short dress)."

Back in March, you may remember that LightGirl entered a contest called Fashion Revue with a pair of pants she had sewn. She won a blue ribbon for her efforts. At that time, I fought a full scale battle to get her to wear a little eye shadow, mascara and blush for the contest as she had to model her outfit for some judges. It was just to make her look well put together. Finished, as it were. Now (less than 6 months later) she wears full makeup every day. I finally asked her one morning if we should expect this from now on. She said we should. The other morning tho, I had to object. I think that when eyeliner can be measured with a ruler in eighth inch increments, it has been applied too liberally. She has backed off a little since then.

We began walking again this morning. I should say huffing and puffing. It wasn't pretty. It was interesting to see all the gardens on the far side of the season. Then I felt sad. I realized how much I've missed by not walking through the summer. I could have seen all the comings and goings of the flowers and other crops, but I was lazy and I missed it. I did part of the loop alone. I couldn't have done that last winter because I was so scared. And I left the house without any wallet or identification ... another huge step for me. I am much stronger now.

Well ... those are some snapshots of life in the LightHouse and more frightening still, into my mind recently. I'll try to keep these posts to a minimum.


Blogger Schuyler said...

I'll cover this so Kate doesn't have to, seeing as it's the day before her wedding.

It's Uhura, not Ohura.

9/29/2006 09:16:00 AM  
Blogger aBhantiarna Solas said...

I KNEW that looked wrong ... but I couldn't figure it out and I was just blasted tired. Thanks for the correction.

9/29/2006 10:29:00 AM  

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