19 July 2005

Divorce Sucks

Divorce sucks. I guess it sucks most for the couple getting the divorce, and their kids, and probably a lot for their parents. But here are the other people who get hurt by it too. The brothers and sisters of the wife and husband, the spouses of the brothers and sisters, and their children. Because I mean, what do you do? Your husband's sister brings home this guy and says, with her eyes all big and sparkly (this girl who is the closest person to a sister that I'd had to that point in my life) "I love this guy, I'm going to marry him. Accept him in your life like a brother." "Okay," I say to myself, "I've got two brothers ... I know how to have brothers. Now I have another brother." And the years passed. And lo, he became my brother. But all was not well in their marriage. And last summer she came to me and said, "Now you have to say good-bye to him -- we're getting a divorce." Only I don't get it ... now he is my brother, so how am I supposed to say good-bye?


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