16 July 2005

On Waiting

Wow ... this is neat. I just got a call from my Brickfriends to commiserate with us that they have not received their HP yet either. They were also looking for encouragement to wait. So I told them the story of the kindly UPS lady who had had so much excrement heaped upon her head this morning. They were equally horrified and yet unsurprised.

We agreed that perhaps we should be learning some spiritual lessons in all of this. Perhaps patience. Perhaps. I don't know tho. I've never learned patience in the midst of waiting. All I've learned when I've had to wait is conspiracy theories. When I have to wait I hear the clock ticking louder and slower and then the voices start. They are never the voice of God encouraging me in long-suffering. No ... these voices are cowardly snivelly voices that tell evil stories of conspiracy against whatever my desire is. I tell that terrible man in my head to shut up and go away because I know he's telling lies, but sometimes I can't quite forget the stories that he tells and so patience comes very slowly.

But ...

Hark! What's that I hear?

Harry Potter has ARRIVED!!!!!...


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