19 August 2005


So ... this morning we leave. I hate leaving. I'll cry the whole way up the camp road. I always do. I can never soak in enough of this place to last a whole year. And it's too far away to come up more than once a year. This year, by our own choice, we've been here a shorter time, but it doesn't matter. Last year we spent all three weeks here and it wasn't enough.

But we're leaving and going to Maine. I should stop whining. Maine is going to be fun. Interesting. We're looking forward to it. Really. LightHusband is. LightBoy is. I am ... guardedly. I've wanted to go back to this Blueberry Festival since I was 15 ... but here's the thing ... I know it's not going to be as good as my memory is. So they (LightHusband and kids) are going to have a great time. I will merely have a good time. But, perhaps it's been so long, and my memory is so dim that I will have a whole new and wonderful experience. And that will make it all worthwhile. Even the dial-up inter-net access.


Blogger kate said...

I hope the berryfest is wonderful. I'm sorry your time in such a wonderful place is over for the year! Something to look forward to next year... and we're sure looking forward to having you all back with us again.

8/19/2005 10:59:00 AM  

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