05 October 2005

The Beach Report

So ... the good news is: we got upgraded. For the house. The bad news is: we got downgraded for internet access.

On our trip down we got the news that the house we had rented (which was across the street from beach access) was, for some mysterious reason, "not available." So the rental agency upgraded us to a beachfront house. Whooo hooooo!! It has the same number of bedrooms, but is a little bigger and has more communal space ... little meeting areas and a lovely theatre room right off the upstairs living area. And, well, all we have to do is walk right down our little boardwalk and we're on the ocean. Can't complain. Not even a little. Except that ...

... we don't have anything except pewy 14.4 dial-up for internet access. So here's my one post for the week. With one picture. And one quote. The rest will wait til I come home. Because, well, we're having too much fun beach combing, swimming, kayaking, fishing, photographing, quilting, talking, eating, and many other things to wait on that silly little internet connection to post on my blog.

But this quote was too funny. It came about after adult swim in the pool. When the adults were still in the pool, and the three littlest children had joined them, but the older three girls seemed to be dawdling. And that was most unlike them. So it was rhetorically asked by one of the adults, "Hmmm ... I wonder what's taking those big girls so long?" To which Lightboy replied, "Oh I didn't tell them they could swim yet." Long loaded pause. "I only told my roommates." Very matter of fact. (His roommates are the twins.) It's become the quote of the week for some reason. I'll leave it to you to remember all the competition between older and younger siblings.

This is a picture of one of the twins doing a handstand in the pool. She is very proud of her newfound ability and wanted it properly documented. She begged and begged the vacation photographer to take a picture of her doing a handstand underwater. He tried to explain what it would look like, but she was not to be deterred and he complied and here is the result ... I love this picture of her beautiful feet waving at me:


Blogger Scott said...

It sounds like everyone's having a great time! The upgraded place sounds wonderful. Don't worry about the blog...it'll keep. Have fun. Hopefully you won't get any bad weather from Tammy.

10/05/2005 01:27:00 PM  
Blogger kate said...

That's fantastic. The quote, AND the feet!

10/06/2005 11:07:00 AM  

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