18 October 2005

Memory Lane ... Tuesday

My BrickFriend's "Song o'the Day" today sparked a memory for me. His song today is by James Taylor. I think it's Fire and Rain ... but it was seeing James Taylor's name that sparked the memory. So ... here it is.

The spring I turned 18, I was a senior in high school and had a really tight group of friends. We were all in the spring musical together. The musical that year was "Kiss Me Kate," by Cole Porter. My two best friends had the lead roles and I even had a supporting role, and miracle of god-awful miracles I got to sing a song, out loud, in public, all by my self. It's the only time I've ever screwed up the courage to do that ... ever. And there are good reasons for it.

Any way ...

All of my friends and I do mean ALL of them were in the play in some manner. We had a ball together. But it just so happened that year that my birthday was on a Saturday. The Saturday of the "Tech Rehearsal." ACK!!

Oh well ... so I got to spend the day with my friends sitting around in the high school auditorium, futzing with lighting and sound and props and etc.. That night one of my best friends hosted a party for me. I made my own cake (German Chocolate Cake). We had a ball. All my friends came.

Here's the James Taylor part ... one of my friends ... well, really, two of them (a brother and sister), gave me what was obviously a record album. Yes, this was in the days before CDs. So, I eagerly tore off the paper wondering, "Would it be Styx? Kansas? Aerosmith? Jay Giles Band? Abba, the BeeGees, or even the Eagles?" What could it be? ... I was excited!! So imagine my thoughts and disappointment that I had to try to cover when it turned out to be ...



a used ...

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK album!! (make sure you have your sound on when you click on that link!)

WHAT the H ... E ... doublehockeysticksamisupposedtodowiththis?????????

Oh ... we all had a huge laugh.

And then they pulled out the "real" gift. A brand new James Taylor "JT" album, that I treasured for many years. But I've treasured the memory for many more.


Blogger kate said...

Ahhh, James. I almost -- and I do mean, ALMOST -- tried to kill a man at James Taylor's concert this summer who had a drunken screaming, cussing fight with his friend (!!) at Nissan Pavilion during Fire and Rain. Why, WHY do I insist on going to concerts where one must interact with the public...
Great story, Sonja.
Oh, also -- Kiss Me Kate. Not a great moment for Kates. "Now Kate, that is a naughty word!" Grrrrrr.

10/18/2005 03:22:00 PM  

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