31 March 2006

An Old Friend

As a quilter, I've developed quite a fabric stash. That is I've got a lot of fabric stashed away for future projects. I have it divided into different kinds of fabric. Probably the largest category is "Reproductions." I particularly collect and use fabrics that reproduce fabrics from before 1900. I even belong to a group where we exchange blocks and make quilts from the AnteBellum era to the late 1800's. Some of the fabrics in that part of my stash are "eh." I have them because they are useful and make good partners with others, etc. But some have become good friends. Some I love. I know that sounds silly, but I've really grown quite attached to them. And therein lies the problem. The evil fabric manufacturers only run fabrics for a season at best. So when you purchase fabric, you get it and then ... it's gone. Well, I'm down to the last bits and shreds of one of my favorites. And the problem was I have nothing that I've made with this fabric in it. I've given it all away. Then yesterday, completely by chance, I walked into a store that never has sales. And they were having a clearance sale. And ... there was my friend. On sale! For HALF price. So I indulged and bought a whole yard. We've been reunited, my friend and I. This time I'll be sure to make something for myself with this fabric. But I'm sure that I'll end up giving most of it away.


Blogger kate said...

"A whole yard"? Why so little? I'm seriously contemplating buying a massive pack of scrapbook paper in this particular shade of cherry (?) red that I adore, simply because they MIGHT discontinue it someday. Ahhhh, red...
Do make something for yourself. Do, do.

3/31/2006 10:52:00 AM  
Blogger aBhantiarna Solas said...

Ahhh ... one of the secrets of quilting. One can do a lot with a yard. We mostly buy in so-called "fat" quarters. That is quarter yard cuts that are 18" x 22" rather than the more standard 9" x 44". My quilting motto: Cutting large pieces of fabric into small pieces just so I can sew it back into large pieces of fabric again!

Anyway ... having a whole yard is quite an indulgence. Usually reserved for something special. Perhaps a large print. Or I might purchase several yards to make a backing. Or ... when I want to be reunited with an old friend ;-)

3/31/2006 10:59:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I think I know what you mean about fabric friends... there are some colors or patterns of fabric that just touch me. For some reason the resionate in my soul.

In another vien, I have a patch quilt that my great-aunt made for me (not the crazy quilt I showed you -- this is another one.) My great aunt made it when I was 13 or 14 and she had collected up all kinds of fabrics from my childhood -- outfits I outgrew, scraps from the Barbie clothes my Grandma made, all kinds of special and meaningful fabrics and she used them to make a quilt for me. I can sit and look at it and have a whole day of just remembering my life from that quilt.

3/31/2006 11:59:00 AM  

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