01 July 2006

All-Time Best Song Parts Meme

My BrickFriend started this. Then CityGirl picked up the gauntlet. Now I can't stop thinking about it either. So here's my list.

1. The opening riff from Know Your Rights by The Clash ... This is. A. Public. Service. Announcement. .... WITH GUITAAARRRRR ...

2. Any GOOD lone bagpiper playing Amazing Grace.

3. The solo part in Le Chanky Chank Francaise by Beausoleil. It's amazing how smooth the transitions are in the leads from guitar to fiddle to accordian ... you never realize it's happening til after it's done. Beautiful.

4. The opening shout in New Year's Day by U2 ... never fails to give me goosebumps and open my imagination up. I love that shout.

5. Real cannon shots in the 1812 Overture (not a timpany roll) ... the kind that make your sub-woofers shake.

6. These lyrics from Quiche Lorraine by the B-52s.
Has anybody seen.
A dog dyed dark green
About two inches tall,
With a strawberry blond fall;
Sunglasses and a bonnet
and designer jeans
with appliques on it?

I know there are more, but I can't think of them now. I'll pick this up another time. But I'm enjoying really listening to music now for what I like and what is ... well ... just okay.


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